You have a voice, share your story as our podcast guest.

Bahamians love to talk. This is actually an understatement but it is truth. Bahamians love to sit and talk and express their feelings but often the narrative is controlled by outside forces particularly politics. You are more than politics and you have a voice that begs to be heard. Now is your chance to speak your mind, tell your story and express new ideas.

Broughtupsy was developed to allow persons the platform to express their opinion free from judgment but be able to back them up with good stories. Stories are not always philosophical but expands into many different arenas.

We are multifaceted beings and as such we are not one dimensional. This means our minds are capable of housing multiple concepts ideas and even personas. While all of your personas are not ready to be brought to the forefront there are specific aspects of your life that make you uniquely… you.

This is what we are looking for. Your dominant persona. The ability to understand finance and business, to revile in art as a true master, to travel the world and experience new things, to become the master of a skill and the top of your chart.

Music, photography, painting, drawing, sculpting, finance, business, investing, marketing, travel, design, culture, philosophy, religion, belief, paranormal, spiritual,

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