6 audio formats for podcasts you didn’t know about.

The Podcast was first introduced by Apple in 2005, aiming to provide musical and audio features for the iPod. The finished content is downloadable to a computer or mobile device, and it is also played from the website directly. As years progress, the variety of podcast productions has expanded. At present podcasts, now contains e-books,…

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To 5g or Not to 5g

With the lock down of may cities around the world and here in the Bahamas. Humans have found themselves in a situation that leaves them with more than enough time on their hand and not enough things to do. So what do you do when you are stuck at home but not used to being…

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5 easy to use podcast hosting sites.

What is a hosting site? A hosting site is a website that contains multiple web pages that are stored on its server. These web pages are accessible through an Internet address, known as the Uniform Resource Locator (URL). The most common form of hosting sites contains blogs, which are similar to online journals. These sites…

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Starting a podcast, what 4 podcast equipment you will need.

The choice of instruments for a podcast comes from the type of podcast you want to make. There is no such thing as the best equipment. There is the right equipment for your project. Depending on the format, the number of entries, the environment in which you will record, and the experience you have, you…

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How To Start A Podcast For A Beginner

Podcasting was created in 2000 by podcast pioneer Adam Curry, who used podcasting to publish his podcast for the radio show. Podcasts are downloadable audio files released on a set schedule just like other media, such as videos or blog posts. The word podcast comes from iPod and broadcasting. A podcast is simply an audio…

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How to record a good clean podcast?

A good podcaster does their best to engage their audience. While that may depend on your definition of “engage,” it’s fair to say that the more you hold their attention, the better. The easiest way to do this is by making sure they can hear you clearly. When guests are involved, though, things get a…

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