5 easy to use podcast hosting sites.

What is a hosting site?

A hosting site is a website that contains multiple web pages that are stored on its server. These web pages are accessible through an Internet address, known as the Uniform Resource Locator (URL). The most common form of hosting sites contains blogs, which are similar to online journals.

These sites allow users to create their page by entering content and uploading media, such as photos or video clips, via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Some hosting sites offer photo galleries or other services for free; others may charge fees depending on the type of service provided. Popular blogging/hosting sites include Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, and HubPages. Other popular sites include Photobucket, Flickr, YouTube, and MySpace.

The hosting site is not responsible for the content of its users’ pages. However, places may choose to remove offensive or illegal material upon request. Because few laws regulate hosting sites, especially those based in other countries, it can be difficult for authorities to track down the owner/operator of a site if necessary. However, many do conform to regulations regarding child pornography and similar crimes. Users can also report abuse on some sites through an online form or by phone.

Because they provide unrestricted access to publishing tools and maintain a lax attitude towards objectionable content, hosting sites have been used for malicious purposes such as phishing attacks (in which people’s personal information is collected) or spreading computer viruses and malware. Also, because many of these sites don’t require users to enter personal details to create an account, it is more difficult to track down cyber criminals if something goes wrong.

Some sites allow users to register for free through third-party services called “registrars.” This allows users who register their web address (domain name) with a registrar to choose between multiple hosting providers by transferring that domain name into another provider’s account. Some hosting providers offer bundled packages that include both the space and tools needed to publish content or applications online in addition to domain registration. Others may provide access only without giving the ability to buy additional web addresses.

Using a hosting site can help manage daily life online by allowing users to update their webpage with current pictures or other information while away from home. Users can manage their web content through the hosting site’s interface and upload updates whenever necessary, including while on the go via mobile phone, tablet, or another wireless device.

While any law does not regulate blogging hosts, many have terms of service (TOS) agreements that include rules regarding offensive material such as pornography, racism, discrimination, and hate speech. While most sites allow for nudity within artistic context, they may still restrict specific adult-oriented material deemed obscene by local standards or could offend other users.

Are you ready to podcast?

Are you looking for podcast hosting sites that provide unlimited storage and bandwidth, easy uploading, social media integrations, crystal clear audio – and more? Top 5 podcast hosts will help you choose the best podcast host to suit your needs. Which podcast host is right for you?

1. Libsyn

Libsyn, which stands for Liberated Syndication, has been podcasting since 2004. They offer an option called “Megaphone,” which offers full stats, including geotargeting (listeners broken down by location). You can download episodes with a click (if you want), no need to log in or anything. It takes just one click to publish your podcast onto Facebook, Twitter, etc. Make sure you check your links before you post.

With Libsyn podcast hosting, you’re able to upload large files (250Mb), which is perfect for podcasting. They also have an app, AND coming soon will be OS X podcast publishing directly from their website, so no fuss uploading or waiting around for the file to upload.

2. Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud podcasting offers included stats with their free plan – listeners, plays, and follows. You can also integrate all social media accounts into one place with Soundclouds desktop uploader for easy posting on Facebook etc. Users can comment on your podcasts too!

3. Podbean

Podbean podcast host offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space across its plans, including premium podcasting which gives additional features, unlimited podcast downloads, and more.

Podbean podcast hosting provides stats that are easily accessible with a click of your mouse. It allows you to organize episodes into playlists, which is great for listeners who like to binge-listen! Podbean also offers podcasting tutorials for first-timers!

4. Acast

Acast podcast host removes all storage limitations; podcast hosts do this because they know podcasting is growing in popularity.

There are no file size limits on Acast podcast hosting (unlike other sites) which gives users the freedom to upload as many episodes as they like at any given time – golden! Acast stat’s include total listens over time, but not available by country or region. You can publish your podcast to Facebook or Twitter with one click.

5. Anchor

Anchor podcast hosting was made so anyone can podcast on any device, anywhere. It’s an easy-to-use podcasting app that allows you to podcast right from your iPhone or Android – no computer necessary! With Anchor podcast hosting, you’re able to upload complete episodes (unlike Soundcloud), and all of them are downloadable (again, unlike Soundcloud). They also offer an RSS feed for iTunes! Podcast errors are easily solved by Anchors podcast help center, where they provide tutorials on how to convert audio files, host podcasts, etc.

Most podcast hosts don’t offer hosting services for music/sounds, but podcast hosting sites allow you to upload and host sounds. You can then include a link to the sound file in your podcast feed, and people will be able to download and listen to it directly from your podcast’s website, like Soundcloud.

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