Tracy Stubbs – The Power of Sound

Tracy Stubbs - The Power of Sound

Sound Engineer

Tracy Stubbs Big tune machine

Who would have ever thought that I would have dealings with the likes of Tracy Stubbs. Its not a bad thing its just my luck must have been top notch to bag a friend so cool.

Sound is something that we take for granted like our sight or the ability to make rational decisions like old people call common sense. Sound doesnt become an issue until something happens to your hearing or if you ever tried to sneak your parents car keys off the night stand without waking them.

Maybe thats not such a good example but in any event the ability to hear and to realize the power of sound in our lives is amply described in this podcast by a phenomenal lady by the name of Tracy Stubbs.

Daughter, Sister, Mother, Aunt, Martial Artist, and Sound engineer Tracy is one of the few people this podcaster knows that knows the meaning of stickability. This is the ability to intentionally chose a path in life and continually learn more and more about that chosen path and grow into an expert.

The Sound of Music

Tracy Stubbs Big tune machine

Not only is Tracy Stubbs a sound engineer that works with various organizations, she is the owner of her own business Big tune machine. Hearing this name it may not be familiar to you however many weddings, churches, concerts and film makers know the name very well.

Big tune machine has become one of those blended companies that work along with so many other companies to pull off amazing productions. Whether its fine tuning the sound in a church, a club or at a concert, big tune machine is there to help.

I sat down with a conversation with Tracy to learn a little and get more information about what sound is to her and how is it used in the world. I was utterly amazed at the concepts that I had never considered when it came to the importance of sound in our lives.

Tracy Stubbs Big tune machine

I guess when you have something as normal you tend to take it for granted. Think about it for a moment. The Bahamas is known as a christian nation which means there are a whole lot of churches which also means you have listened to songs sung or preachers preached on an audio system.

It occurs so seamlessly that we find it to be a normal occurrence, but its not Work, time, effort and skill is put into making sure you can enjoy those songs or hear the pastor loud and clear. Sound engineers such as Tracy Stubbs take the time to learn how to balance the sound that it becomes melodious to your ears.

Listen in on this podcast as we talk beyond church audio systems but towards the science of sound in our day to day life. The ups and downs of being a sound engineer in the Bahamas and the future of sound world wide and how you can enjoy the beauty of sound.

Tracy Stubbs Big tune machine

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