To 5g or Not To 5g

To 5g or Not To 5g

With the lock down of may cities around the world and here in the Bahamas. Humans have found themselves in a situation that leaves them with more than enough time on their hand and not enough things to do. So what do you do when you are stuck at home but not used to being home for so long? Talk about conspiracies such as 5g and corona virus.

It was cool the first few days, as it felt as if you were on a mini vacation from work… but then as it dragged on some folks started to go stir crazy. To make it worse when we were forced to stay home this caused another issue because when you think about it. We are used to working 8 hours a day so not at home for so long nor at home with family for so long.

Now you get to feel trapped because you have no where to go and nothing to do so some people went to the beach some went to friends homes some just drove around town although we were in a 24 hour curfew.

One thing was for sure however… Get home off the road before 9pm, thats when the police hit the road and lock curfew breakers. Between 9pm to 5am you are locked down to your yard or home. So may persons took this time to watch movies or scroll through social media.

This is when much of the conspiracy theories took hold. Mind you i say took hold because they have been around for a while but with so many persons at home, sharing information will get that info seen by more persons.

So the biggest theory is that the fifth generation of cellular towers aka 5g are causing the coronavirus in humans.

This is a blanket understanding of the issue at hand. It gets deeper than that. There are actually 3 theories floating around the interwebs so in this talk on why do you believe what you believe, I give a bit more information on what these 3 theories are.

Listen in and leave a comment lets discuss this. As usual I love to discuss these sort of things. Again DISCUSS I am not going to argue with any one. Set out your information I set our mine we test both and hopefully we can get a better understanding of this 5g concept.

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