Talkin’ fool with Jump Coach Day Swann

Talkin' fool with Jump Coach Day Swann

Listen in on the conversation with Day Swann a Motivational, free spirited world citizen, Travel chef, lover of hair color and Jump Coach here to discuss world travel and making the jump… into your dreams of travel and relocation the world over.

Broughtupsy caught up with Day while she was doing her covid time locked down in Danang Vietnam. less than a year ago she made the jump to follwer not only her dream but to do that which called to her and begin to travel to see the world.

Her first stop was in Thailand where she enjoyed the culture but more so the food. You see Day is not only a world traveler and jump coach but she is a foodie at heart with over 18 years of experience as a persona chef.

World Schooling

Travleling with her daughter who she has to home school or in her words “world school” has not caused her to let up nor give up on her dream of being a world citizen. The experience she has gained during this leap of faith is one unmatched by many not only in the Bahamas but the world.

To live in a county where you dont know the language but somehow meet and make unlikely friends along the way. Meet with other world travelers and the occasional greeting by Bahamians or other Caribbean people is nothing short of pure amazing.

Make a plan and Execute it.

After feeling that itch we all get … that feeling of being stuck in a dead end job or even a great job but you just lost your passion for. Unlike you or myself, Day, after much soul searching and many universal answers to make the jump finally set out a plan to move to Thailand. This is often as far as some of us get when it comes to making the move but not for Day. She executed her plan leaving family, friends and loved ones behind to awaken her spirit and calling in life. Is it really a sad day or selfish to leave those we hold dear to our heart or is it rewarding to the loved ones to see her express herself to the fullest and live the life she truly wants to live?

Listen in on the conversation as Day Swann the Jump Coach, foodie, world citizen and personal chef tells her story of making the leap to follower her heart and embark on a life changing journey. Whether you are contemplating moving to the United States or from state to state or maybe going a bit further to Canada but are apprehensive toward the move. Day is there to help guide you and motivate you to make a plan and execute it.

Follow her exploits on social media, visit her website for updated blogs or contact her if you need some advise on making your jump a reality

Jump Coach

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