Simeon Hall Jr – Food, Culture and Hospitality

Simeon Hall Jr - Food, Culture and Hospitality
Simeon Hall Jr

Food Culture and Hospitality

Internationally known chef, food and beverage manager and all around hospitality expert Simeon Hall Jr takes time out to have a conversation with me on this episode of Talkin Fool.

chef simeon hall jr

With over 25 years of experience in the culinary world chef Hall has taken his cooking skills to a new level. We discuss his broughtupsy with his grammy learning that age old grammy cooking technique that only comes with time and experience, and becoming self aware that he is and always be a chef.

Our discussions went beyond just cooking but into the concept that at its core the culture of a country can be summed up in three categories. Food, Music and Art. This is the essence of what makes a collection of people a cultural people.

The uniqueness however of the Bahama islands lends itself to being one that must be studied and examined to assertain why is it that although we are all one people, the food we cook is cooked differently from island to island and in some cases settlement to settlement.

Chef Simeon hall jr sums it up to the idea that food is to be experienced not just tasted. Food… is an experience. When we take what and where we are and combine it with food, it creates a unique experience that is tailor made to that location and or persons involved. For example eating conch salad at potters cay dock vs at home.

Simeon Hall Jr

As a chef, cook or hobbyist your plate is your flag and your food is an ambassador to your country.

To be good at anything in life you have to put yourself out in the public. Simeon Hall Jr, is no stranger to the spot light. His tenacious go-getter attitude has opened many doors for him. Simeon Hall Jr discusses what it takes to become well know as a chef or any field of study you choose. You must put yourself out there but there are some drawbacks that you must consider and prepare for.

This amazing discussion transformed into a lesson on motivation and successes. We all know that success leaves clues and not only were many clues and straight out directions dropped in this conversation, the secret to overall success in any profession was revealed.

Simeon Hall Jr

Not only is Simeon a well seasoned chef but his travels have allowed him to diversify his portfolio not only into cooking but into the field of food and beverage and expand into hospitality.

To do this however we speak about branding and how it helps to navigate the noise of social media but at the same time leaves you open to being recognized in the general public.

success comes with sacrifice

The Book

Yes there is a book in the making. Not your regular book but a cultural cook book based on experience of the islands of the Bahamas. How to make boil fish 10 different ways based on how each island in the Bahamas does it.

Working on his book, Simeon plans an extensive study of how and why we cook so differently throughout the Bahamas. it will definitely be one of a kind and a great addition to any library.

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