Love, Relationships and Cheating

Love, Relationships and Cheating

Everyone Cheats?

Its all to often that the concept of cheating comes up in relationships. Its as if its as normal as switching cars every so often. You have your personal car but you still drive other cars from time to time. Cheating in the Bahamas seems to be on another level but is this fact or fiction?

What is cheating?

I would love to say that cheating in a relationship, whether you are dating or married is bound to happen but then that would be silly. The ability to be monogamous is not as elusive as we may think.

The problem that I find with most relationships is actually in the people with their communication skills. Yes I know we may have heard this before but think about it. We are not taught how to effectively communicate our feelings to others and even if we have a grasp on that aspect we are not taught how to effectively listen and process information.

think about it for a moment, what are the largest factors that may drive a person to step out on their lover or spouse? Money, Time, Sex. Thats about it.


Lack of or different financial habits will cause arguments which leads to inability to communicate and then anger and then distancing and then driven to find that lack somewhere else.


Reduced time together leads to loneliness which leads to abandonment issues which leads to arguments to reduced capacity to express yourself or comprehend the other persons situation which leads the lonely person to seek fulfillment elsewhere.


Sex should be self explanatory but again, lack of proper communication and expressing yourself of what you want and understanding what your partner wants leads to frustration, then anger then regret then distancing and a search to find what you feel is good sex else where.

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