Episode 9 Doing Business in the Bahamas – Chiccharney Farms

Doing business in the Bahamas
Doing Business in the Bahamas
Episode 9 Doing Business in the Bahamas - Chiccharney Farms

This podcast got really exciting really fast because it became a full business lesson on starting a company from scratch. Developing a business is not easy, oftentimes we think that its easy as riding a bike by just doing it, but its not. In this conversation with Aaron and Chavara of Chiccharney Farms its been proven that business development requires hard work and sacrifice.

Chiccharney Farms Podcast on Broughtupsy

…from the Farm in Andros to your home in Nassau or to other islands of the Bahamas, Chiccharney Farms has developed something quite unique when it comes to fresh produce and handmade products here in the Bahamas.

Known as a farm to table store chiccharney Farms has developed a unique business structure that takes advantage of local fruits grown in the Bahamas and other vegetables grown locally. This locally grown produce is offered fresh at their pop up shops or via delivery.

If you are old enough to remember the produce exchange that was located under the bridge in Nassau, then you will love this little store front. The Produce exchange was a place where local farmers from the family island would be able to sell their produce to the Bahamian public. It was a governmental ran business that was started to help farmers on the out islands.

With Chiccharney Farms their little business is similar to this concept. They have their own local farm on the island of Andros where they farm a number of items from pears to soursop and everything in between.

Chiccharney Farms Podcast on Broughtupsy

The beauty of this conversation with the owners of Chiccharney Farms is that its a husband and wife team. Aaron was a basketball player in the United States and Chavara was a banker. Somehow they made the decision to start their own little business bases on the skills they developed over their life time in farming and understanding how to offer good service to people.

Our conversation transitioned between the couple as they discussed the hardship of doing business in the Bahamas but also how rewarding it can be to own something that is yours. Perseverance was the word of the day to describe what it takes to make it when starting you own business

The Talk…

Use what you have. Sometimes we want something and try to get things that we dont need to do what we want to do. All it takes is to look at your life and see what skills you learned over the years and use those skills to help you business grow.

Chiccharney Farms Podcast on Broughtupsy

What is a chicccharney? You will have to listen in to find the answer to this question. A great spiel on this mystical creature said to live in the forest of Andros was explained by Chavara and her Andros roots.

We took time to go over their business structure and how it stacks up to a concept by Robert Kiosaki known as the BI Triangle. We broke down the BI Triangle and how their business filled those gaps but even more so how other businesses can use it to to develop their companies.

Overview of the BI Triangle

  • Mission
  • Team
  • Leadership
  • Cash Flow
  • Communications
  • Systems
  • Legal
  • Product
Chiccharney Farms Podcast on Broughtupsy

The conversation with Aaron and Chavara was one that you will not soon forget. Chiccharney Farms is growing just like it should and I surmise they have great ideas in mind for the future.

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