Episode 7 Doing Business in the Bahamas – Kentisha Ward PopStop

Doing business in the Bahamas
Doing Business in the Bahamas
Episode 7 Doing Business in the Bahamas - Kentisha Ward PopStop
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Building a small business in the Bahamas is harder than many may think. Join our guest Kentisha Ward of the popular PopStop company in discussing doing business in the Bahamas, how she got started, the ups and downs she has experienced and how she has overcome them and continue to make waves as a young entrepreneur.


Kentisha is a long time friend of mine, she had taken the time to educate herself to the point of acquiring 3 college degrees. However after coming home from school and accepting a job she was met with adversity as many Bahamians did with the issues of Bahamar at the time. This cool cat didn’t sit in a corner waiting for a hand out instead she pulled herself up and with a little help from a family member began her gourmet Popsicle business pop stop.

Kentisha Ward Pop Stop Podcast on Broughtupsy

Kentisha Ward is not just a one trick pony nor is she a selfish lady. She started a side hustle called Preparing our People POP.. Kentisha wanted to help Bahamians realize that they do not need to depend on the government but instead learn skills that will take them into a future that they will be proud of. She has taken on young Bahamians and taught them how to bring out their entrepreneurial spirit.

The Talk…

Kentisha Ward Podcast on Broughtupsy

We discussed her background growing up and going off to school with multiple degrees to coming back home and being jobless because of her being overqualified. Kentisha discusses how she overcame this obstacle that many Bahamians face.

You really are selling Popsicle’s???

former boss
Kentisha Ward Pop Stop Podcast on Broughtupsy

What does it take to be innovative in the Popsicle business or with any business. How to find inspiration for new products and how to ensure that your business can grow beyond just yourself.

Pop Stop has grown tremendously since its humble beginnings and there are some amazing things on the horizon for the Bahamian small company. Join us as we discuss her journey in doing business in the Bahamas, Kentisha Ward… Pop Stop.



  • Soldier Road
  • Pompey Square
  • Incudesk – Chesapeak Road
  • The Candy Shop – The Marina Village
  • Ardastra Gardens
  • NRG

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