Episode 5 Doing Business in the Bahamas – Chelsea Johnson

Doing business in the Bahamas
Doing Business in the Bahamas
Episode 5 Doing Business in the Bahamas - Chelsea Johnson

Chelsea Johnson is an Entrepreneur in the Bahamas who has developed multiple businesses including Autumn Crop, Island Elements and The Creative Business Strategist. I have know Chelsea for a number of years and I must say she is the postage stamp for an Entrepreneur.

Chelsea Johnson has seen it and done it all. Not only in the Bahamas but internationally. Her work has been sold practically world wide. What I like however is her ability to effectively manage her business while helping others do the same thing as a business coach

That’s right she is a business coach

Chelsea Johnson has developed a company called The Creative Business Strategist of which its sole purpose is to help Bahamians realize the full potential of their business.

Lets face it we all can use the help in starting and running a business in the Bahamas. There are many pitfalls and hurdles you have to overcome. Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone willing to take the time to help you avoid those costly mistakes… Ahh luckily there is.

Join us and listen in as we sit down and shoot the breeze talking about a number business issues and strategies.  We touched on many topics including;

  • Listening to your customer
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Cutting overall Cost
  • Governmental incentives
  • Shipping products outside the Bahamas
  • and much much more

The Creative Business Strategist

Our discussions went from one extreme to the other but all ways keeping in mind that we are discussing the concept of how easy or difficult is it to do business in the Bahamas and what small business and large companies can do to improve their bottom line and make their customers happy.


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Contact her at  242.466.9161Email address: [email protected]


Services Include:

  •  Strategy Sessions
  • Marketing Plans & Calendars
  • Wholesale Coaching
  • Creative Marketing Materials
  • Branding
  • Small E-commerce and Service Websites

Take your business to the next level, avoid the pitfalls and grow your business to something you will be proud of.

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