Episode 4 Focus on Art – Tenniel Cartwright

Episode 4 Focus on Art - Tenniel Cartwright

Owner and operator of Ashara Pieces Tenniel Asharan Cartwright is a Bahamian Jewelry Designer but at her core she is a natural born Artist. Listen in as we focus on Art here on Broughtupsy to find out how the life of this artist unveiled here in the Bahamas.

In this podcast find out what happens when it seems like life is just handing you lemons and how this artistic Bahamian uses her skills to follow her dreams.

Unfortunately dreams can be hindered by some of the people closest to you or from absolute strangers. Either way its not what happens to you but what you do afterward. Tenniel’s life story of creativity stems from childhood always wanting to do something else something different.

This is the Creative Artist heart at its core.

How does one take a piece of copper wire laying on the ground and sees a ring fashioned into the word LOVE? Only an artist can see the finish product before they start.

How do you overcome the words, beliefs and wants of your family to accomplish a goal that you set for yourself? How would you manage college, two jobs, a business, family life and personal life and remain sane? Well she did it and she has not even begun to express herself.

Asharan Pieces was born from the mind of an artist. From working with natural shells to designing copper jewelry, stone bracelets and glass necklaces. Tenniel has persevered in her craft and not only is she an amazing jewelry designer but she also dabbles in other creative arts such as painting, drawing and gardening.

Using her creative outlet from high school she took on an extra class on her own time just to learn how to crochet. Who does that? What high school teenager would willingly take on an extra class just to learn something for fun. Tenniel Cartwright thats who.

Tenniel Cartwright Ashara Pieces Focus on Art Broughtupsy.com

Listen in and listen up to the life story of Ashara Pieces and Tenniel Cartwright. Daughter, Sister, Jewelry maker, sketch artist, Designer and home decor decorator.

For more information on her work or to have her commission a personal piece as a gift, you can contact her at following options:

Ashara Pieces

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