Episode 4 Doing Business in the Bahamas – Businessman vs Entrepreneur

Doing business in the Bahamas
Doing Business in the Bahamas
Episode 4 Doing Business in the Bahamas - Businessman vs Entrepreneur

WHAT is the difference between a Businessman and an Entrepreneur

There is lots of talk these days about being an entrepreneur. I hear it all the time or maybe its just because im in that space. The thing is, what is the actual difference between being a businessman and being an entrepreneur. Is it just a buzz word that sounds good and this generation wants to hold on to or is it really something very different whereas the make up of an entrepreneur is very different from a business person?

Ive found a few images online that may help with what is accepted online as the differences and I find then interesting but I would not say they are actually truthful. Take a look and you tell me.

Which are you?

Im not exactly excited by the illustrations above but this is what the conversation is all about. A businessman takes a product and sells it to his customers, however an entrepreneur takes the same product and makes something better with the same item.

If you live for the weekend and vacation your shit is broken

Garry Vee

What does this mean? Its pretty simple. You are selling your time for a job that you hate. Going to a building or a spot away from what you really want to do. You are so happy for the weekends to go party and enjoy life just to get away from the Monday to Friday 9-5 or shift work that you do for a paycheck.

What is the Difference?

” A person who brings his unique idea to run a startup company is known as an entrepreneur. A businessman is a person who starts a business on an old concept or idea. … ”

I talked about IDEAS in Episode 2 of this podcast, discussing how easy it is to come up with an idea. However its the execution of that idea through reverse engineering to make it actually work.

Types of Entrepreneurs

  • Businessman
  • Entrepreneur
  • Hustler

Leave you thoughts below on this podcast. What do you think is the difference between an Entrepreneur and a Businessman.

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