Episode 3 Doing Business in the Bahamas – Social Media Marketing

Doing business in the Bahamas
Doing Business in the Bahamas
Episode 3 Doing Business in the Bahamas - Social Media Marketing

How effective is Social Media Marketing for your business in the Bahamas? Are you using it properly, can you reach your market? What works and what doesn’t in the Bahamas? Can Bahamians take advantage of platforms that were developed for an American market?


When do Bahamians use Twitter? There have been some times in history that Bahamian Twitter came out in full support or as in many instances full destruction to tear persons a new one. Hence the Bahamian phrase ‘cyc’ became so popular worldwide.


Have you or someone you know used facebook in a way to boost their business? It seems as if Bahamians tend to use Facebook as a phone book to find local businesses. The question remains however if you business is found on facebook is it active? does it matter if its active and how well do you maintain your page and how has that converted into sales for you?

Traditional Marketing

Newspaper, radio or television ads. Do they work better than social media? or is it just traditional and hence persons still use these mediums. How do you track how many people use these forms of marketing? Its an interesting concept.

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I’m looking for someone who can answer these questions… not just any one but someone who has tried all the available platforms of marketing and have a wealth of information on what works or what doesn’t. Lets talk

“Doing¬†business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing, but nobody else does.”

Stuart H

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