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Today’s guest is an amazing photographer and a good friend of mine. Warren has led a very interesting life caught between the United States and the Bahamas. Even so he managed to make things work with a life story that is one to be heard. Warren’s discussion on growing up in the U.S and his exploits in the military, EMT, photographer and teacher is definitely a conversation you will never forget.

I first met Warren at a photographers gathering in Nassau. It was a long overdue event and there were a good many photographers present at this event. We all talked and shared our love of photography and eventually connected via a Facebook group we all got to know each other better.

I must admit hearing his story was an exiting one. Warren has a knack for story telling and tells his story so well that its something you just have to sit and listen to

Over the years we called upon each other for assistance in certain matters and built a good working and personal relationship. Our discussions have always seemed interesting to me hence a good candidate to be on this episode of focus on art.

They say you can never really know a person and this conversation was a great example of that statement. I found out a lot about Warren, his background his history his present and his future. This was genuinely a really good conversation that I enjoyed having and I’m sure you will enjoy listening to it as well.

Warren primarily is known as a wedding photographer but he is very versatile in the art of photography. He loves sunset photos shoots and its evident with many of his images. His style is quite unique and very distinguishable from others in the market. His military background makes his business skills in the art of being on time and getting the job done above board.

You can contact Warren through the following platforms

  • Website – www.warrengrantphotography.com
  • Facebook – warrengrantphotography
  • Instagram – @warrengrantphotography
  • email – warren@warren-grant.com
  • Phone – 242-424-5678

Be sure to check out Warren Grant Photography and the awesome work he does. Now you have a better understanding of who he is as a person.

Listen in on the conversation and when you are done leave a comment below and check out other podcast from our various SHOWS.

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