Episode 1 Focus on Art – Guilden Gilbert Photography

Episode 1 Focus on Art - Guilden Gilbert Photography

Born and raised in Bermuda, Guilden Gilbert is proud of his heritage but not as much as his life long commitment to the art of photography.

Early Stages

Guilden tells us about his childhood learning how to use a camera effectively the long and hard way but also in a way that made is style of shooting and knowledge base of the art of photography quite unique.

In an age of Youtube it hard for a new budding photographer to fathom the amount of work that he had to put into learning photography on a film camera. Taking a shot and keeping a journal on the time of day the camera settings and the direction of light all to wait for the developing of that film to see what worked and what didn’t.

Not only has Guilden excelled in photography but he has a few accreditation to his name from being published in magazines, his work being featured in national museums, offering his work for sale at local fairs and winning many online competitions.

His latest exploit takes him in a new direction teaching the skills he learned over the many years in conjunction with Queens college.

Listen in on this…

Join us on this provocative conversation about the art of photography, where it had come from in the Bahamas and in Bermuda and where Guilden sees it going in the future.

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