Antanette Anderson on Mental health

Antanette Anderson on Mental health
antanette anderson mental health bahamas

Mental health is good health

Dive into the world of mental health issues with Mrs. Antanette Anderson.

A good while back in my life as full time photographer I met Antanette as a client about to be married. I became their wedding photographer during this time.

Years passed and every so often we would somehow come in contact with each other. It wasnt until I realized that my mental health was being tested that I decided to relaunch the podcast but kicking it off with a discussion on mental health.

Not knowing fully at the time that Antanette had good experience in the matter I began a search for my next guest to kick things off.

To my surprise who should come up… none other than antanette of A.S Anderson Consultancy Services, Mental Health and Wellness.

Well this was a no brainer, and I am proud and excited to begin Session 1 of our mental health talks.

antanette anderson mental health bahamas

Who is Antanette Anderson?

Mrs. Antanette Anderson is a Bahamian trained Mental Health Therapist.

 She currently works as a Health Education/ Demand Reduction Officer, at The Bahamas National Drug Counsel in the Ministry of Health.

Her responsibilities include working with and creating programs that reduce the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other illicit drugs.

Mrs. Anderson is also the CEO of A. S. Anderson Consultancy Services a virtual and mobile Mental Health Therapy firm.

She is a proud graduate of the R.M. Bailey High School in New Providence and holds B.A. degrees in theology and psychology and she is also a degree candidate for a M.A in Organizational Psychology from UNICAF University and a member of the National Honor Society (Psychology) Psi Chi.

Mrs. Anderson’s has worked in many areas in the Mental Health in both the Unites States and The Bahamas.

She has held positions as an In-home Therapist with Camelot Care Center, Tennessee, USA. She has also worked as a Trainee Welfare Officer in the Dept. of Social Services in The Bahamas for 11years.

Her interest in mental health care has led her to volunteer in various local agency such SCAN Bahamas

Her professional interests include child and adolescent counseling, women’s empowerment, grief counseling, and motivational speaking.

In her spare time she is an avid gamer mainly “crushing candy” to relax and she has been married to Brian Anderson for the past nine years and they are the proud parents of a fur baby Ms. Ruby-Ann Adderley Anderson.

antanette anderson mental health bahamas

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