SE2 EP13 The Struggles of Single Parenthood

Hosted by
Ruckus Mann


We look at the trials of Single Parenthood after Dorian, during a pandemic, and beyond. How do these single parents rise to the occasion, and does life come to a halt just because you now have responsibilities. Ms.Indy, Ms. Jasmin, and Mr. TeeY give some revealing and eye-opening insights. There’s some liquor somewhere in there too.



SEASON 2 – Ep 13

The Struggles Of Single Parenthood

Hosts: Ruckus Mann, Ms. Indy

Guests: Ms. Jasmin, Mr. Teey

Who are the people who make up your support system?

How are you logistically dealing with being a single parent?

How are you financially dealing with being a single parent?

What strengths do you already possess that will enhance your role as a Single Parent?

What weaknesses do you need to watch our for?

How do you handle stress and pressure?

Who or What calms you?

How do You envision the involvement of your family and friends?

What was, or is your most difficult challenge? How are you preparing or dealing with it?

What is your greatest fear? How can you prep 

What is your advice or message to persons struggling or even contemplating being a single parent?


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