SE2 EP12 #CTIChallenge

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#CTIChallenge & The Practice of Price Gouging and Tinkin Bahamians Stupid. How, where and why is the practice of price gouging so prevalent in The Bahamas. Especially in light of certain electronics company that shall remain nameless


Hosts: Ruckus Mann, Ms. Indy

Guests: Brother LaVaugh, Dr. Kent Bazard

Special Guests: 

Magaso 242 Magician & Ashleigh Sean Rolle Senior Creator at 10th YR Seniors

The PS5 Kerfuffle. CTI Cellular Vs Odav & Co breakdown and latest news 

Am I wrong for thinking that they, smell the bottom of they ma boongie crease?

The Fuckery Fallout

The “get your attention” & “bullshit comment clapbacks”

What is a FAIR price for The PS5 in The Bahamas? (Magaso)

Who dese people is buying PS5 for these prices over here?

Let’s expand limits, where does this practice of price gouging come from?

How do Bahamians guard against price gouging?

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