EP-10 Common Sense v. Common Law

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agents of chaos
Hosted by
Ruckus Mann

We begin to scrutinize commonly held beliefs of laws in The Bahamas. What is fact? What is fiction? What are our rights?


Questions we  begin to cover…

  1. What made you want to get into Law?
  2. What are the different judiciary branches for The Bahamas?
  3. It’s been my experience that there are public perceptions pertaining to law that almost seem gospel like and I’d like to get your opinion as to the validity of these common belies. Bahamians tend to walk the street, sometimes with reckless abandon with the perception that “all pedestrians have the right of way” is this true?
  4. Should a citizen’s vehicle be rear ended in an accident, the offending vehicle is automatically in the wrong, no questions asked, just shut up because you’re wrong? 
  5. What is the first thing citizens should do should they find themselves in an accident?
  6. Vehicle tints being to dark, is that an actual offense?
  7. Law Enforcement show up to your home or stop your vehicle and want to search without a search warrant, you refuse, the push ahead and search anyway claiming “suspicion” is that legal?
  8. If someone breaks into my home or business, I lickin’ shots. Apparently where I shoot them though determines what happens to me, can you give some clarification?
  9. Is there a Bahamian version of Miranda rights, or is it “ya fuckin’ lock up?” B) If a citizen is person of interest and is brought in for just questioning, not under arrest, should they be questioned without an attorney? C) Can they get up and leave if they are not under arrest?
  10. Am I entitled to a speedy trial? Without having to make a “donation”? -_- 
  11. Should a married couple seek legal counsel when going through a divorce?
  12. Something I know you’re very passionate about, what is the current copyright status of The Bahamas?
  13. What are somethings pertaining to law you would like every Bahamian to know?

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