Agents of Chaos – SE2 EP9 The Link Between Slavery & Tourism Feat Jasper Wolf

season 2 ep 9


We take a journey through time and uncover the sad and sinister link between Slavery & Tourism, why you should be paying attention to this topic, how it directly affects you now and in the future and lastly how to take steps to make the shift.


Jasper tell us about yourself

How did you come across and take an interest in this subject?

Why should Bahamians be paying attention to this?

It’s been said that slavery in The Bahamas wasn’t as serious elsewhere in The Bahamas, what’s your response?

Does systemic racism actually exist in The Bahamas?

What are your observations of Bahamian Vs Non-Bahamian?

Let’s establish a timeline of notable figures and events that got us to the point we’re at now

Now that’s we know what we’re up against, how do we begin to shift the tide in our favor now and in the future

Is uplifting general Bahamian society even feasible with rampant and blantant corruption, willful ignorance and black crab syndrome?

Where does “God” fit into all this?


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A Quiet Revolution – Doris Johnson

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