Agents of Chaos – SE2 EP8 Men’s View Of Sex & Sensibility

season 2 ep 8
Hosted by
Ruckus Mann


4 Bahamian men, of various backgrounds discuss the current state of sex, dating, relationships and marriage in Bahamian society. Should men do more to hold each other accountable for going off track? How can men build up one another effectively? When men need to “clean their rooms” and so much more to be discussed. Returning are LaVaughn Hamilton, Omar Al’Asad aka Oman 1Hunnit, Dr. Kent Bazard out of Nassau and your host Ruckus Mann


Men’s View of Sex & Sensibility:

The Current State of Dating and Sex in The Bahamas

Hosts: Ruckus Mann

Special Guests: LaVaughn Hamilton, Omar Al’Asad, Dr. Kent Bazard

It’s been said that men need to do a better job of calling out other men and making   them accountable for toxic habits and poor treatment of women in their relationship. We get reactions and responses.

What is the current state of dating, sex and relationships in our communities?

What is the definition of dating, relationship?

What do men really want in a relationship?

Truthful communication always seems to be a major issue, why?

The delicate dance of pride, ego and accountability.

What are outside influences that affect the way we interact with each other?

Why do people stay in the cliched “toxic relationship?”, and how do you heal?

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