Agents of Chaos – Se2 Ep5 Mental Health – Struggles & Stigmas Part 2

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The last episode was so timely, we had to bring it back for Part 2. We look closer at the sources and triggers for mental issues in the country. Said sources and triggers are a lot closer than you think. Our special guests return and they are Ms. Peandra Knowles, Mr. LaVaughn M.J. Hamilton. New Guest Ms. Gail Woon gives her story and respected Psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Smith returns with his knowledge and expertise.


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Questions we discuss: 

What are some helpful coping mechanisms? 

What are the harmful coping mechanisms? 

How much do our parents and loved ones contribute to mental health issues and instability? 

How much does our society contribute to mental health issues and instability? 

How big of a role does genetics play in our disposition and ability to cope with mental health issues? 

Take it to God in Prayer. Yes or No? 

Is the religious community equipped and qualified to deal with mental health issues in the community? 

Is there such a thing as beyond reach or help? 

How do you determine when to back off? 

How does mental health and wellness advocacy look, and where does it begin?


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