Agents of Chaos – SE2 EP 4: Mental Health – Struggles & Stigmas in The Bahamas

Agents of chaos
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Ruckus Mann


This episode we start to tackle one of the biggest Bahamian elephants in society, mental health, and the lack thereof. How important is it? Why is it ignored? What are the perceptions and realities? What triggers it? Most importantly how to begin to get a handle on and heal from it? Our special guests are Ms. Peandra Knowles, Mr. LaVaughn M.J. Hamilton & Respected Psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Smith.


Questions for discussion: 

What is the general perception of mental health in The Bahamas? 

What is the reality of Mental Health in The Bahamas? 

Who suffers from mental stress and health issues in The Bahamas? 

What are some of the mental issues and challenges we face/cope with? 

What are some of the triggers for mental stress? 

Where does the stigma of mental health issues come from? 

What are some helpful coping mechanisms? 

What are the harmful mechanisms? 

There are people who are “crazy” and those who “TINK dey crazy” how does one determine the difference? 

Listen, stop whining, stop complaining, suck it up and pray about it right? 

Having support is crucial to mental balance, what can persons do if they feel like they don’t have the support they need? 

What responsibility does anyone suffering from mental health issues like depression have to themselves and those trying to help them?

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