Agents of Chaos – SE2 EP 3 The Front Lines of COVID-19

agents of chaos
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Ruckus Mann


We ask Dr. Tina Mims so direct questions about COVID-19 and debunk some myths, conspiracies, and misconceptions of the novel coronavirus and get a rare glimpse into the struggles medical professionals continue to face during this pandemic and beyond.


Dr. Mims, please tell us a little about yourself and how you got into the medical and healthcare profession? 

What is the true situation when it comes to the overall healthcare system in The Bahamas? 

Where does the name Coronavirus and COVID-19 come from? 

Why is it called “The Novel Coronavirus?” 

Is COVID-19 “just the flu?” 

As Bahamians we have herbal and natural remedies, to treat and possibly attempt to cure COVID-19, what are professional’s official stance on this? 

So stock up on Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc + Vitamin D, and we straight right? What is contact tracing? 

Can you give us some first-hand insight as to what medical professionals face every day dealing with patients infected with COVID-19? 

In your opinion is The Prime Minister handling this pandemic properly? 

Can you speak to the validity of claims that there are monetary values placed on the numbers of COVID-19 infected and those who die of it? 

Dr. Mims what, if anything, is NOT being told to the Bahamian people? 

What is your message to Bahamians when it comes to COVID-19?

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