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Ruckus Mann


What is the state of combat sports in the country? Olympic Level Boxer Levar Stuart, President of The Bahamas Martial Art Federation, Founder of Bahamas Martial Art Open Championship and BOMAC Cage Fights Dr. Kent Bazard and XKO Fight Commentator and Father of Bahamian MMA Mr. Scott Groff weigh in!


Topics We Cover:

  1.  What is the state of boxing in The Bahamas
  2. What is the state of Martial Arts in The Bahamas
  3. What are, if any, the opportunities for combat athletes within The Bahamas?
  4. What are the opportunities for combat athletes outside The Bahamas?
  5. Is there a superior/untouchable fighting style?
  6. Do traditional martial arts and combat systems still have a place in the 21st Century?
  7. “That karate shit don’t work, I’ll pull out my____” respond
  8. Give advice for women / Give advice for youth
  9. In your experience when is the best time to use adequate force

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