Agents of Chaos – Ep7 Entrepreneurship After The Storm

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Ruckus Mann


Emerging Grand Bahamian entrepreneurs DaDawn Charlton and LaVaughn Hamilton talk about their experiences becoming and entrepreneur since Matthew, after Dorian, during the pandemic and into and into an uncertain future.


Questions we cover:

1) What are our respective fields?

2) How did we get into them?

3) Why did we get into them?

4) What is the difference between a business owner and an Entrepreneur?

5) What did you wish someone told you before you started your Entrepreneur journey?

6) What are the challenges you face?

7) What is your greatest Entrepreneurial Fear?

8) What is the indicator that you’ve achieved your goal or objective

9) Who or what is you support system?

10) What is your advice to future Bahamian Entrepreneurs?

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