Red Cliff – Martial Arts Movie Review

Red Cliff – Martial Arts Movie Review

This is a personal review of the martial arts movie Red Cliff.

Red Cliff was released in two parts in Asia, part one was released in July 2008 and part two in January 2009. Part one, a two and a half hour film was released in 2009, while part two was later released all on DVD and Blu-ray.


Tony Leung as Zhou Yu

Takeshi Kaneshiro as Zhuge Liang

Zhang Fengyi as Cao Cao

Chang Chen as Sun Quan

Zhao Wei as Sun Shangxiang

Hu Jun as Zhao Yun

Shido Nakamura as Gan Xing

Lin Chi-ling as Xiaoqiao

Tong Dawei as Sun Shucai

Hou Yong as Lu Su

You Yong as Liu Bei

Cast and Crew

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Red Cliff (English Subtitled)

Red Cliff Battle Field Fight Scene

How movies are rated

Martial arts movies are judged based on 8 different aspects of a movie

1 – Choreography

2 – Character Building

3 – Cinematography

4 – Dialogue

5 – Locations

6 – Music

7 – Plot

8 – Wardrobe

Each movie aspect gets a rating from 1 – 5, then the total score is added and divided by 8. This final number is the 5 star rating given to moves that i watch.

For example a movie may get these ratings:

Choreography – 3

Character Building – 2

Cinematography – 4

Dialogue – 2

Locations – 2

Music – 5

Plot – 2

Wardrobe – 3

Total 23

divided by 8

Total Rating 2.87 rounded up


Red Cliff Fight Scene

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